Synaptics unveils new biometric solution combining facial and fingerprint recognition for mobile devices

Synaptics has announced a brand new multi-factor biometric fusion engine that combines both fingerprint readers and facial recognition software for smartphones, tablets, and notebook PCs at CES 2017. The Silicon Valley biometrics company says the system would allow users to choose and use the facial or fingerprint authentication systems interchangeably or even combined. For example,... Read more

Booz Allen subcontracted firm leaked classified US military personnel data – Report

A US government subcontractor reportedly left exposed a massive amount of sensitive data pertaining to military healthcare professionals. Security researchers uncovered that the data leaked online included personal and sensitive information of military personnel, some of whom hold the highest level of security clearance, according to a report. Booz Allen subcontracted firm Potomac Healthcare Solutions... Read more

FireCrypt ransomware emerges with DDoS launching capabilities

A new ransomware strain uncovered by security researchers, dubbed FireCrypt, reportedly comes with features which allow the ransomware to launch relatively small-scale DDoS attacks. FireCrypt was found to share several similarities with a previously uncovered ransomware strain called Deadly for a Good Purpose, indicating that the two may be linked, according to a report. According... Read more